Getting to know the edutrainment company

Where others only train, edutrainment creates enthusiasm for your own skill development and creates networks for active learning with autonomous self-learners.

The edutrainment company GmbH is an innovative solution provider for personnel development. Whether classic classroom training, large group events, e-learning or apps for learning on the go – the edutrainment principle always applies: learning works through the successful combination of education, training, and entertainment. edutrainment provides sound content, the appropriate methods and the necessary dash of entertainment and passion.

edutrainment awakens positive emotions and these are the shortcut into long-term memory of our participants and your employees. For this, we don’t use every resource, but some unusual resources are quite fitting.
Our in-person trainings are based on the latest findings in brain research, high-didactic competencies and years of experience with thousands of enthusiastic participants worldwide.

What do we train?

Sought after business skills in companies!

As an innovative solution provider for personnel development, we are not just waiting in the wings for your individual training projects, but also train the traditional business skills.
These are the pragmatic competences that determine the overall success of an organization in the market.
We have organized these skills within twelve professional topics: communication, presentation, leadership, project management, self-management, innovation, sales, media, management, facilitation, train-the-trainer, and last but not least, the topic of learning.

In our face-to-face events or with the skillboxx system, we are able to launch a targeted competence development of our participants – achieved through learning with fun.

Training with the Edutrainment Effect

Uniquely designed trainings or skillboxx trainings

Training customized for your needs: More success with edutrainment. You have a topic that you would like to convey to your organization with a training. It could be a classic topic such as leadership and communication, or perhaps a far-reaching change process in your organization.

A good event, in which the participants will leave and have really learned something requires:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the current situation ("In what context is the measure...")
  • a good concept: content ("what should be conveyed...") and practical experience ("For this target group, the best would be...")
  • excellent preparation and organization where absolutely nothing is left to chance
  • professional organization/performance by appropriate experts
  • Analysis and post-processing, to allow valid performance measurement

Our team of trainers and staff in our office in Prenzlauer Berg is available for your needs: Whatever you are planning – talk to us!

What are the characteristerics of an edutrainment training?

Our philosophy is the base of how we conceptualize and see through our trainings. These are our three main aspects:
trainings education


Know-how: indepth expert knowledge, is of course the basis for our trainings. From the communication square to leadership theories to the central theme of the sales plan. But remember: for “cramming facts ” you do not need an in-person event – as an eLearning module is perhaps the better method of choice.

training trainings


Practice, practice, practice. What sounds trite, is well lived in our trainings. We manage to produce exciting application scenarios for each topic, which allows the participants try out everything: it’s practical and with feedback from experts!

entertainment trainings


Positive emotional experience – this is the turbo for our brains. As an adult in a company- one is always serious and reputable. Fun at work? Humor? Laughter? Too often these aspects are too short – despite their excellent characteristics in terms of learning. We are fun – intentionally.

Interested in edutrainment?

Drop us a short e-mail.